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Data Analytics Certification and Jobs in India

Data analytics involves making well-informed decisions. Data collection, purification, and analysis can assist in achieving a goal. Many prospective and seasoned data analytics professionals are unsure about which certification to pursue. Certificate or certification? Which ones fit your experience and skills?

Data Analytics Professional Credential from Google is an example of a professional certificate. A certification demonstrates that an individual has passed a certain exam, such as the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification.

Data analytics certificate vs. certification

Early-career workers and career veterans might benefit from professional credentials. 75% of Google Job Certificate graduates in the US report an improved career trajectory six months after completion, according to a 2021 study.

Is a data analyst certification or certificate worth it?

Google's Data Analytics Professional Certificate is a six-month online program. The course teaches novices how to clean, visualize, and analyze data using spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming.

popular data analytics certifications and certificates

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate is a customizable online course for beginners. In eight classes spanning 11 months, students study Python, SQL, Excel, and IBM Cogno analytics.

IBM Data Analyst Professional certificate

Microsoft's Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification demonstrates the holder's ability to utilize the interactive software for corporate analytics and intelligence. Designed for subject matter specialists who understand data processes and data repositories, the certification showcases sophisticated analytic skills and business value.

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

The AWS Data Analytics certification demonstrates the holder's competence to develop, construct, and maintain Amazon web services analytic systems (AWS). This certificate is designed for industry experts with at least five years of experience who know how to conduct cloud projects and leverage AWS data lakes to acquire insights.

AWS Certified Data Analytics

SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate

The SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate helps data analysts enhance their predictive and statistical modeling skills. The online credential takes around three months to complete and demonstrates skill in business modeling and programming.

Data Analysis is a global hot job. Data Analysts in India earn more than other software experts. Learn data science with our free courses. If you have the essential competence and are willing to stay current, your Data Analyst job should improve. This is true since a data analyst's wage in India depends on how skilled and updated they are.

Data Analytics Jobs in India